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Bowling Pin Match



Registration: 8:30 AM

Firing Time: 9:00 AM

Dates: 4th Saturday of Each Month.


Entry Fee: $10.00 

Format: Matches are point base format. Each table will have 5 bowling pins spaced evenly across the table.  Shooter will have 8 shots to knock the bowling pins off the table unto the ground.  Shooters will receive 2 points for each pin knocked off the table, 1 point for each pin knocked over, but left of the table, and 2 points for each bullet left over if all the pins are knocked off the table in less than 8 shots. Shooters will shoot four different tables set up at 10, 15, 20, 25 yards with a cumulative score.  Max score of 64 points.  Match Director will establish shooting scenario if a tie should occur.

Distance: 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards

Pin type: Five full-size bowling pins will be setup evenly across the tables.

Classes: Major/Minor.  Stock guns (trigger work is allowed) 

Major Calibers: .40 caliber and higher, pins are set 3’ from the back edge of the table.

Minor Calibers: less than .40 caliber, pins are set 2’ from the back edge of the table.

Magazines: Shooters can load no more than eight rounds in their magazine. Revolvers may place extra required rounds on the table.

Equipment: Any Centerfire pistol cartridge (except mag, 454 Casull, 50AE, etc.) may be used. As with any shooting activity, safety glasses and hearing protection is required for the shooter and the spectators as well. (Kids under 16 may shoot a .22 cal with pins placed at the back of the table)

Awards: $1 from each entry will go to the Top Shooter award.

Information: Contact Don Watson (e-mail or call after business hours 1-318-268-7418.

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