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Centerfire Benchrest

Firing Time: 9:00 AM

Entry Fee: $10.00 

Classes - There will be two rifle and one pistol classes.


Custom Rifle - Any custom built Centerfire rifle or any factory rifle from their custom shop.

Factory Rifle - Any factory built Centerfire rifle. Actions and barrels must be factory catalog items not from the custom shop. Stocks and triggers may be changed but stocks must be hunting style without a flat forend. Forend must meet the “penny contour” rule. Factory AR-15 style rifles OK. 

Pistol - Any Centerfire pistol in rifle caliber.

Sand Bags -Front rest must be topped with some form of sand bag. Rear rest must be a sand bag with no adjustable mechanical means. The two rest must not be connected to each other, the bench or the gun. Only sand bags can touch the sides and bottom of the rifle. Tri-pods connected to the front of the gun are allowed in place of front sandbag.

Wind Flags – OK if they don’t interfere with other shooters and are set up before the match so as not to delay the match.

Course of Fire – 5 shots per target. 4 targets – one each at 100, 200, 330, and 415 yards.


Time Limit – 10 minutes per target.


Sighter Targets – As many as you want on sighter target during your allotted 10 minutes.


Firing Order – 5 benches and targets set up per distance. 20 people shooting at one time then rotate to the next longer distance for the next relay until everyone has shot all four distances. To make it as fair as possible since shooters will be starting at all four distances we will draw bench numbers for the first relay.


Targets – Whatever we have available. A different target at each distance. All targets will have defined scoring areas marked. All shooters will shoot the same targets.


Scoring – The old scoring system. If you touch a scoring ring you get the higher score. 5 shots in the scoring area with a possible high score of 10 points per shot. X’s count as 10 with the number of x’s used as a tie breaker. Highest score per target is 50-5x. Total possible score 200-20x. If more than 5 shots appear on your target the lower 5 hits will be counted unless a different caliber can be determined for the extra shot or shots. Then the correct five will be scored. If you shoot on a target other than your assigned one the shots will be scored as a miss (0).

Awards – Per Class = 1st place only


Information – Contact Sean McKay 1-318-773-3081,, or Michae Louwien 1-318-780-1544.              

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