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Precision Pistol Match

What:  Competing in regularly scheduled matches makes better shooters.  The Caddo Rifle and Pistol Club holds monthly Precision Pistol matches where Bullseye targets are shot and scored.  Each match consists of three 30 round courses of fire.  Each course of fire consists of 10 rounds in ten minutes, followed by two strings of 5 shots each in 20 seconds, and finally two strings of 5 shots each in 10 seconds. The three 30 round courses total 90 rounds with a possible score of 900.  The match is normally completed in approximately an hour and a half.  All shots are at 25 yards.  The entry fee is $5.


When and Where:  The match season runs September through May each year.  Registration is at 1:30 PM, the match begins at 2:00.  All matches are held at the Caddo Club range, 365 Shootout Lane, Princeton, LA.  A map is on our website  The Club Calendar on the website should be consulted for any scheduled range closures or date changes before traveling to a match.  During periods of severe weather, text the Match Directors for more up-to-date information.  Calls from unknown numbers will only be answered during the day of a match.


Who:  Club membership is not required.  All competitors must practice safe gun handling and good sportsmanship.  There will be no loud talk on or around the firing line during the match.


Classes:  Competitors may choose to shoot in one of three classes: 

1)  NRA Conventional Pistol.  NRA rules apply.  All courses of fire are shot one handed.  Open and optical sights are allowed.  The first course must be fired with a 22 rimfire pistol, the second course is any centerfire pistol (32, 38, 9mm, 45 ACP), the third course is 45 ACP only.

2)  NRA Conventional Pistol 22 Only.  All NRA rules apply except each course of fire is restricted to 22 rimfire pistols.

3)  Open.  NRA rules are relaxed with the aim to improve precision pistol marksmanship.  For example, centerfire pistols may be used for all three courses of fire.  Shooters may also shoot with two-handed holds.


Equipment:  Targets are supplied.  Bring guns, ammo, eye and hearing protection; a staple gun will come in handy.


Awards:  No awards, only bragging rights.


Additional Information:  Caddo Rifle and Pistol Club is a member only club.  In addition to Precision Pistol, the club offers a Bowling Pin pistol match, which is more action oriented, a rimfire rifle match and two centerfire rifle matches.  Details of all matches, our ranges, and how to join are on the club website. Club members have access to



The Precision Pistol Match Directors are Ken Nichols (501) 864-5172 and Dave Anderson (318) 780-9361. Due to spam calls, phones are not normally answered. Texts are preferred, if you call leave a short message.

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