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22 Rimfire Benchrest

Firing Time: 9:00 AM

Entry Fee: $4.00 

Course of Fire: 
22 Rimfire = 25 shots at 50 yards in 30 minutes. 250 points total.


Classes: a person may enter only one gun per class.

  1. Heavy-Varmint: Any rifle designed to be shoulder fired weighing no more than 13 ½ pounds including scope. No limit on scope power. No minimum trigger weight as long as it is safe.

  2. Sporting: Any factory produced “Sporting” rifle weighing no more than 8 ½ pounds including scope. No tuners allowed. No limit on scope power. Trigger weight of 2 pounds or more. Rifle must be in factory form: stock, barrel and action except that glass bedding and trigger work is allowed. No custom triggers. Stock must be 2.25 inches at its widest point. No stock tape allowed. Forearm and butt stock that comes in contact with front and rear sand bags must be convex. Convex will be determined by the “penny” test.

  3. 22 LR Semi-Auto Unlimited: Any Semi-Auto firing 22 Long Rifle Rimfire ammo. No limit on scope power. Trigger weight 2 pounds or more.


Scoring:  Scoring will be done by a scoring team. If a bullet touches a line the shooter will receive the higher score. If there is doubt as to the score a “plug” will be used. If more than one shot appears on a target bull, the shooter will receive the lower score. Shots outside the scoring area will be counted as a miss (0). A perfect score would be 250-25x. If a shooter fires on another shooters target and admits his or her mistake to the match director, shooter will be given the shot minus one point. If another fires on your target, notify the match director at once so you won’t be penalized.


Benches: 20 shooters per relay. If there are more than 20 shooters a second relay will be shot.

Wind Flags:  Wind flags can be used buy must be set up prior to the relay firing time. If a flag is in shooters line of sight notify match director BEFORE  the commence fire command is given.

Sand Bags: Front rest must be topped with some form of sand bag. Rear rest must be a sand bag with no adjustable or mechanical means. The two rest must not be connected to each other, the bench or the gun. Only the sand bag can touch the sides and bottom of the rifle.


Sportsmanship: There will be no loud talk on or around the firing line during a match.

Awards: No awards, bragging rights only.

Information: Contact Eddie Robertson at

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